Global Voice Group (GVG) is a world-class provider of cutting-edge technologies and financial protection and revenue generation systems. Our specialized technology expertise spans a number of areas: financial protection systems, payment technologies, revenue generation systems and electronic tax collection systems.

White Label Solutions: GVG also provides its solutions and technologies under a white label format to companies that resell them around the world. We select resellers who share our vision and demonstrate the required independence to provide governments and agencies with solutions aimed at auditing and monitoring the telecom industry and other sectors.

Our solutions enable both operators and regulatory authorities to optimize the revenues from the telecommunications industry, reduce fraud on international calls and control network quality and integrity.

We do not sell products or services to third-party operators in the private sector. As a result, there can be no conflict of interests. We are a true partner in technology for our clients. We provide the control tools for regulatory enforcement and high-level analytical tools to assist policy- and decision-makers.

We also provide our clients with innovative ways of investing in their socio-economic development, by enabling them to harness the financial potential of crucial sectors of the economy. We do this by levying micro-contributions on globalized sectors of the economy.


Recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award

GVG was awarded the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation.

Proven Results and Expertise in Revenue Mobilization for Governments

From 2008 to 2016, we brought more than USD 2.2 billion in new revenue streams to eleven beneficiary countries, by implementing solutions to monetize and control international voice services. Over the years, we extended our revenue mobilization expertise to the whole spectrum of telecom services, as well as to the digital financial industry.

Constant Innovation Oriented Toward the Needs of our Government Clients

Technological innovation at GVG is a dynamic and interactive process that is driven, not only by the constant evolution of ICTs, but also and foremost by the evolving needs and requirements of our clients.

Local Presence of our Key Technical and Managerial Staff

GVG can count on a highly mobile workforce that can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world. The availability and mobility of our staff allow us to guarantee the local presence of key technical and managerial personnel for the whole duration of our contracts with governments and state agencies.

Neutrality and Independence from the Industry

Working exclusively for governments and agencies since 2005, GVG is one of the very few providers in its domain that can claim total neutrality and independence from the industries targeted by its monitoring solutions. This ironclad independence allows us to guarantee unbiased solutions that are free of any potential conflict of interest.

For the second year in a row, Global Voice Group was a proud sponsor of the Transform Africa Summit, which took place in Kigali, Rwanda.