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Making e-Government Secure and Transactional

Governments are increasingly turning into e-governments to improve their services and overall efficiency. Without appropriate systems to identify citizens and ensure security, however, these e-governments remains mostly informative and not transactional.

GVG unlocks the capability to interact and transact with citizens through highly secure Transaction Certification and Payment Gateway solutions.

Optimizing Decision and Action with Big Data

Big Data capabilities also characterize successful e-governments. GVG offers a unique approach that leverages the astronomical volumes of data generated by mobile networks for various governance functions, including those related to infrastructure and resources, tourism, security, health, public transport, etc. Through anonymization, we do it in full compliance with privacy laws.


E-Government & Transactional

Mobile Money metrics and analytics

Gambling metrics and analytics

Revenue-assurance & anti-fraud

Big data

Predictive analysis

Infrastructure planning

Resource planning



Emergency response management

Security analytics

Other Big Data applications


Case study

How the Government of Congo, through the ARPCE, secured and managed citizens’ online payments with our transaction certification solution.


Irregularities and security risks related to mobile money payments for utility bills, prompting the government to put in place a system to verify/certify each transaction in 2021.


Electronic timestamping of utility payments, using public key infrastructure, SFTP links and API gateways between MM providers and the central system at the ARPCE*. * Agence de Régulation Des Postes et Communications Électroniques



per minute

processing capacity of each cluster of appliances.


visibility and control

over all utility payments made via Mobile Money to the government.

This system allows the ARPCE to ensure certification of all electronic payments in order to guarantee digital trust among consumers.

Bulletin de l’ARPCE Congo, No 001,
December 2021


Case study

How the Government of Ghana, through the Ministry of Communications, used our Mobility Intel technologies to monitor Covid-19 in the country, improve decision-making and assess the impact of sanitary measures.


Lack of actionable data for timely response, management and planning during the Pandemic.


Anonymized mobile data collected from operators, showing mobility trends and other information to enable real-time monitoring of compliance with sanitary measures as well as timely health intervention and resource planning.

Mobile app for contact tracing and day-to-day update to citizens.


Only 0,5%

of all COVID-related deaths reported in Africa so far for a country that accounts for 2,3% of the total African population.

Ghanaian response to the pandemic hailed as one of the best in Africa

thanks to its innovative data-driven approach.

Data is our most powerful weapon in the fight against Covid-19. You cannot fight what you cannot see.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia
Vice-President, Government of Ghana