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Whether they are made through Mobile Money or other services, all digital transactions leave a trace that should make them easier to measure, analyze and investigate by the relevant authorities. The increasing digitization of the transaction ecosystem brings new possibilities in terms of financial intelligence and enforcement of laws and policies, including those related to security and financial inclusion.

From advanced data analytics to sophisticated metrics, GVG brings the digital tools that unlock these possibilities for governments and relevant authorities.


Financial intel

Mobile Money metrics and analytics

Mobile Banking metrics and analytics

Remittance metrics and analytics

Anti-Money Laundering



Case study

How Tanzanian Authorities relied on our Fintech governance platform to oversee Mobile Money.


Lack of reliable data and metrics on Mobile Money (MM) services in Tanzania, impeding the banking and financial authorities’ capability to oversee this fast-growing market and make informed decisions.


Non-intrusive MM data collection systems installed at each MM provider in Tanzania, connected to data bases with business intelligence (BI) modules at the relevant authorities.



of MM transactions accounted

for and made traceable
in the central systems of TCRA* and BoT*.

*Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority and Bank of Tanzania

US$5 B

in monthly average MM value verified

and analyzed by the system, with detailed metrics to better inform policies and decisions.

The system has enabled Tanzania to monitor different mobile financial transactions through networks… This has enabled the Central Bank (…) to have information on transactions over networks.

The Regulator, TCRA’s Newsletter
January – March 2019
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