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Revenue leakage in Africa, a serious disease affecting the whole continent

Revenue leakage in Africa continues to be a serious issue for the continent today. Its main symptoms? Illicit financial flows, mobile and SIM box fraud and cyber-attacks. Annual losses of more than 60 billion USD   These are just some…

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Discussing the Strategic Role of Data for Revenue Assurance with Key East African Media Experts

Global Voice Group in a virtual coffee discussing the strategic role of data for revenue assurance with key East African media experts. A few years into the 4th Industrial Revolution, and following a year marked by technology’s fundamental role in…

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“The absence of regulations has fostered the existing illicit flows”

In Africa, the mobile money boom has led to an increase in the number of illicit financial transactions, for want of an appropriate regulatory framework. Madina Adam SERE, senior financial analyst and expert consultant, and trainer in the fight against money…

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