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Over the last decade,
Global Voice Group has championed
capacity building in emerging
countries with investments of more than
US$300 millions in IT infrastructures
for governments and institutions.

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Our solutions enable governments and authorities to get a real grip on the digital transaction and telecom ecosystems in their country.

Through cutting-edge measurement systems, they make sure that not even a single penny is left behind when it comes to monetization and tax collection.

Through real-time data, they dramatically enhance intelligence and oversight capacities of man institutions, including central banks, revenue authorities, telecom regulators, and financial intelligence units.

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We all live in an increasingly digitalized world. At Global Voice Group, we help you not only to tackle the issues it entails but also to take full advantage of the great opportunities it creates for your government or institution.

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Founded in 1998

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Digital Platforms for Governments & Regulators:

Shifting from prominent provider of telecom management services to IT provider for governments & regulators

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award

For outstanding innovation at the service of governments and regulators.

Mobile Money & Telecom Transactions

First platforms for Mobile Money & telecom transactions metrics, analytics and monetization.

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Digital Transactions & Cyber Security

First platforms for cyber security and digital transactions compliance

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