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In many regulated sectors, such as telecoms, financial services, gambling and lottery, most regulators are disconnected from the regulated. They oversee the sector based on partial and often outdated information obtained from the industry.

GVG’s Regtech solutions connect the regulators to the regulated through real to near-real time data links that allow for complete and actionable information. We bridge the technological gap between the regulator and the regulated, enabling active and proactive regulation that benefits all stakeholders.


Telecom metrics and analytics

Mobile Money metrics and analytics

Gambling metrics and analytics

Revenue-assurance & anti-fraud

Sim registry and regulatory oversight

Handset identification and regulatory oversight

Mobile internet & ott metrics and analytics

Qos testing and monitoring

Interconnection monitoring

Telecom clearinghouse

Regulatory fees billing


Case study

How the Rwandan Regulator RURA used our RegTech to curb SIM box fraud and increase the revenue generated by the international incoming traffic (IIT).


Insufficient control over the IIT, leading to rampant fraud and revenue leakages related to termination fees.


GVG’s real-time traffic data collection platform integrating advanced fraud detection system.



increase in international traffic revenue in the 1st year of implementation.


increase in overall regulator’s revenue from ICT over 10 years of operating the original system with other complementary GVG’s solutions.

GVG supplies the platform we use for traffic verification… It helped us have informed policies and regulation and to be able to guide this industry in the right direction.

Patrick Nyirishema
former Director, RURA