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Expertise at the Service of Smart Cities

TMT Finance Africa: Global Voice Group Will Share Its Expertise at the Service of Smart Cities

Global Voice Group is proud to announce its participation in the TMT Finance Africa event on November 28 in LondonIn this event held under the overall theme « Who’s leading the investments and M&A in telecoms, tech and media in Africa? », GVG’s CEO James Claude will take the floor to share its vision and ideas regarding Smart cities.

For its 9th edition, TMT Finance Africa will focus on the future of digital infrastructures in the Telecom, Tech and Media sectors in African countries. This broad theme encompasses many interrelated aspects such as MNOs leadership, fintech growth, digital content strategies, investments in broadband to meet the growing demand for data, cloud technologies and data centers, mobile transactions, just to name a few.

Participating in the panel « Smart cities infrastructure – Unlocking the future »James Claude will share GVG’s expertise in information and communication technologies and unveil the most recent achievements of the group as a Big data, monitoring and measurement solutions provider using real-time data technologies in emerging countries. In the context of a soaring demography and urbanization in Africa, he will explain how ICTs can reduce costs and improve urban services and thus the living conditions of urban dwellers thanks to an ecosystem of objects and services.

« Fifth generation networks will help solve many urban problems and create connected communities. In partnership with operators providing IoT infrastructure and connectivity, GVG’s expertise and technologies could be leveraged to track real-time data and assess the impact of different services as part of the implementation and development of smart cities », says James Claude.

TMT Africa Finance will bring together key telecom, media and technology executives, investment bankers, investors and advisors involved in the largest TMT investment deals in Africa, to assess opportunities for investments and partner.


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