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transaction measuring systems

Global Voice Group introduces its NEXT-GEN transaction measuring systems called ‘Live Trackers’

Global Voice Group (GVG) is proud to announce new ground-breaking developments to its state-of-the-art VISIO SUITE of data solutions for governments, telecom regulators, financial authorities and central banks.

For two decades, the Group has pioneered digital solutions that provide real-time data to its clients, thus significantly improving their productivity, revenue and overall efficiency. These solutions earned GVG the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award and have positioned the group as a leading provider of ITs to governments of emerging countries.

GVG’s latest innovation, Live Trackers, further boosts the value of real-time data, not only for the staff in charge of analyzing such data, but also for the whole organization from bottom to top.

“As a Minister, a Director General or a Head of Department, you do not necessarily need the same kind of very detailed low-level info that is examined and analyzed by your staff. Indeed, long strings of numbers and data displayed on a big screen are not at all convenient for high-level decision-makers who rather need to get much more synthetic info to quickly assess a situation and get the big picture,” says CEO James Claude.

With the traditional process, however, this synthetic information is made available to them only after it’s been processed and organized into reports by their staff, which often delays decision-making and adversely impacts the overall readiness of the organization. GVG’s Live Trackers ensure that the whole process occurs in real- to near-real-time, from the collection of very detailed low-level data to the display of high-level information that really interests decision-makers.

“This way, says Mr. Claude, everybody inside the organization immediately benefits from real-time data, including the top management. A Minister who levied a new tax on a specific telecom service, for example, can follow the performance of this tax in real-time on his mobile phone or personal computer. He or she gets the cumulative amount updated on an hourly basis. As for the lower-level users, like investigators or agents, they also get the same synthetic information in addition to the low-level real-time data they need to investigate and analyze a specific situation.”

Today, the telecom regulators and tax authorities of more than 7 countries are already benefiting from these ground-breaking Live Trackers, as they form an integral part of some of the GVG platforms used by telecom and revenue authorities.