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Revenue Leakage

Revenue leakage: Are governments properly equipped to deal with this problem?

Revenue leakage continues to be a real headache for governments around the world. Many countries opt for “DIY fixes” to repair this endless drain on precious financial resources as if it were a mere water leak. When you find a leak at home, you know you must call professionals who have the right tools to fix it. So why not do the same when talking about revenue leakage? DIY is very likely to be only a temporary solution that will cost you more in the end! The experts, however, will put an end to the problem efficiently and in a more permanent way.

Watch the video to find out what you can do to fix revenue leakage once and for all!

Billions lost each year in the telecom sector!

It is an uncomfortable truth: Financial losses caused by individuals who access telecoms services and avoid paying the associated fees are enormous. In fact, new technologies are helping fraudsters to exploit, and profit from, insufficient technological weapons against telecommunications fraud. Aside from the insecurity that this creates in the market, can you imagine what could have been done at a social level with those lost billions? Think investments in health, education, infrastructure, etc.

GVG’s expertise in the field

It is therefore essential that governments step forward and deal with this situation with the right tools … and not with just a towel! With more than 20 years of experience in securing the revenue of key sectors in emerging countries, Global Voice Group has the necessary digital systems to prevent and counteract telecom fraud. These systems include solutions focused on telecom and tax revenue assurance that help governments and regulators fulfill their oversight and compliance enforcement remits.

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