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Technological resilience

Is technological resilience overtaking innovation?

The COVID-19 crisis has turned technological resilience into a must-have for any tech company. But what does resilience in technology mean and why is it now a trend? Are we forgetting the relevance of innovation and leaving it behind?

Technological resilience vs. innovation

Since the irruption of COVID-19 in our lives, the adaptability of technology companies and their solutions has been put to the test. Tech companies, including regtech and fintech companies, must be able to assure their customers that their technology is sufficiently resilient and flexible. In other words, that it is able to adapt quickly to the new realities that may arise. In the face of uncertainty, companies must learn from the crisis so that they can emerge from it strengthened. Adaptability plays a key role in achieving this goal.

Innovation has been foremost in tech companies’ minds for years. However, it now seems that resilience is gaining ground and becoming these companies’ new mantra. Still, GVG, with its 20 years of experience in the tech sector, believes in investing in product creation and improvement. To us, it is essential that innovation should remain a trend in the technology sector. The key is to find the perfect balance between technological resilience and innovation.

How to find the optimal balance?

Right from the start of the pandemic, GVG began adapting its technology to this new and challenging situation. Our experience in big data collection and analysis allowed us to develop Mobility Data in only a few months. This digital solution works with predictive analytics, detailed virus spread statistics and contact tracing. As such, it allows governments to improve their reactivity and decision-making processes in the context of the current health crisis. However, it also gives them an edge against potential future crises of different kinds.

This capacity to adapt to the situation makes Mobility Data so much more than just a patch. The greatness of combining resilience and innovation lies in making technology adaptable to a variety of situations. For instance, our Mobility Data solution can be used in the following areas:

  • migratory trend analysis,
  • demographics,
  • new disease prevention,
  • urban transportation planning,
  • cross-border movement and
  • geofencing.

Collaboration is also a sign of resilience and innovation

The capacity of a company, technological or not, to adapt to changing circumstances cannot be limited to its products. It is necessary to extend this capacity to the business strategy. Therefore, during the pandemic, GVG devoted time and resources to the implementation of partnerships with other companies and institutions. We also created a fund dedicated to investing in up-and-coming tech start-ups. Indeed, we believe that teaming up with, and learning from, other experts also shows a commitment to technological innovation and resilience.

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