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ARPT Guinea Partners Global Voice Group For Digital Regulation Platform

April 27, 2021 | Digital article
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By Kerry van der Mescht

By: Tech Africa News.

The telecommunication and posts regulatory authority (ARPT) of the Republic of Guinea and GVG announced their partnership for the deployment of a leading-edge mobile and digital ecosystem regulation platform in Guinea.

The installation of this digital platform will begin on 1 June of this year. To this day, this is the most ambitious project for the digitization of the country’s regulatory tools. It encompasses major aspects such as the regulatory management of mobile and digital identities, interconnectivity, data services and mobile money. The contract stipulates that GVG will be responsible for the deployment of the platform, as well as for the related technical operations, over a five-year period at the end of which the company will transfer the platform’s ownership to the ARPT.

The general purpose of the platform is ambitious: promote and sustain trust and inclusiveness in the mobile and digital ecosystem, for the benefit and fulfillment of all Guineans. To achieve this, the platform implements data-driven regulatory technologies that will guarantee regulatory compliance in this ecosystem, as well as the alignment of the latter with the State’s digital development and inclusion guidelines.

For GVG, which is honored to have Guineans within its team, this return to Guinea represents an opportunity to contribute to the flourishing of a rapidly developing digital society.

“We enjoy a privileged relationship with Guinea, which was one of the first African nations to deploy our former platforms, ten years ago. We recognize ourselves in the visionary spirit of its leaders, especially those of the ARPT. Our visions truly are in alignment with one another. We are convinced that we can bring tangible answers to the regulator’s new requirements in the current and future Guinean telecom environment through our new technologies, which have significantly evolved over time.”

James Claude, GVC CEO

For his part, the ARPT’s Director General, Mr Yacouba Cissé, highlighted the advent of a digital approach to regulation. According to him, there exists a firm consensus in the African regulatory domain as regards the digitization of regulatory tools.

“The ARPT proved to be a pioneer in this area”, he recalled, “by digitizing the national and international interconnections as soon as 2009. The new digital tools we are implementing go much further. They cover all aspects of the mobile and digital ecosystem that are likely to affect the Guinean subscribers, who must be protected by an effective regulatory framework.”

ARPT’s Director General, Mr Yacouba Cissé