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Improved tax compliance in Uganda

Improved tax compliance in Uganda through GVG’s solutions

In October, a delegation from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) visited GVG’s premises in Spain to attend a workshop. The government of Uganda and URA have been valued partners of GVG since 2016. The visit gave both organizations an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and achievements related to the use of GVG’s solutions. According to URA, one of the main achievements has been improved tax compliance in Uganda.

GVG works with governments and regulatory authorities to optimize the governance of key economic sectors, like the telecoms and the digital financial services, through data-driven technology. The partnership between GVG and the government of Uganda started in 2016. That year, GVG implemented the Telecommunications Intelligent Monitoring System (TIMS) in Uganda.

The TIMS’s purpose is to support governments in improving revenue assurance, quality of service and security in the telecommunications sector. Since its installation, the TIMS has helped the government of Uganda and the authorities concerned to ensure regulatory compliance, curb fraud in the telecoms sector and stimulate domestic revenue mobilization.

GVG subsequently added the Data Monitoring System (DMS) in 2019, to collect information about the data traffic. More specifically, the DMS helps create accurate forecasts regarding the required capacity and identify new revenue streams.

On 27 October, a delegation from URA visited GVG’s Madrid and Zaragoza offices to attend a workshop on revenue assurance, billing, and the taxation of telecoms and Mobile Money services. During the visit, Mr. Grace Ngabirano AINE, Ag. Manager Special Projects at URA’s Large Taxpayers’ Office, offered some insight on how GVG’s solutions improved tax compliance in Uganda.

Watch the video below to hear Mr. Aine talk about the benefits of GVG’s RegTech solutions in Uganda.


We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to the URA delegates for their collaboration. And of course we thank Mr. Aine for sharing his useful insight with us. We look forward to many more fruitful years of partnership between our organizations!

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