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GVG's 2023 achievements

GVG’s 2023 achievements in brief: A review by our CEO, James Claude

2023 has been a year rich in developments for GVG. It has given us many reasons to celebrate. As the end of the year draws closer, I would like to highlight GVG’s 2023 milestones and achievements. But I cannot do so without acknowledging the valued support and contribution of our company’s highly skilled and dedicated staff and all our clients and partners, for which I sincerely thank them.

Important Milestones

One of the most noteworthy corporate events of the year was the celebration of GVG’s 25th anniversary. For over two decades, GVG has put technology at the service of economic growth in developing and emerging countries. Distance was no object on this festive occasion, and all our teams worldwide participated in the fun. This celebration strengthened the sense of community within our organization.

We also published our first white paper to formalize our unique data-driven approach to compliance in digital financial services. This white paper testifies to the effectiveness of this approach in the countries that have chosen to implement it.

Our data-driven approach means that we must ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of the data our solutions gather. This is why we applied for and obtained the ISO 27001 certification this year. The latter showcases our ability to comply with the highest data security requirements.

The name of our game: technological innovation

The digital ecosystem is constantly evolving, and companies that operate within it need to keep up with its developments, adapting to new trends to upgrade and expand their product and service portfolio and thus maintain their performance and relevance. GVG’s innovative spirit is one of our company’s greatest assets.

As a result, this year, our innovation in RegTech has been recognized on at least three occasions. Indeed, we are featured on the RegTech100 list, which showcases the world’s top 100 most innovative RegTech companies that support financial institutions in meeting current compliance and risk management challenges. Our M3 platform was crowned “Best RegTech Solution” at the FinTech & AI Awards. We received the “Best RegTech Solution Provider” and “Most Innovative RegTech Solution Provider” awards from Digital Banker Africa.

Our overarching goal as a company is to catalyze growth through our innovative RegTech and GovTech solutions. The acknowledgments above showcase their performance and relevance within the digital ecosystem.

Cooperation as a key to success: Our strategic alliances

No man is an island, which is also undoubtedly true of businesses. A judicious combination of knowledge, skills, and synergies may amplify achievements. That is why GVG is a strategic partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD), the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and Smart Africa. Through these alliances, we can extend our reach and contribute to the good governance of the digital ecosystem.

For instance, GVG was invited to participate in several events to explore ways to improve data management and harness data to better support statistical offices, decision-making, financial inclusion, and development in emerging and developing countries. Among these events were a GPSDD peer exchange and webinars organized by the ITU and the UNCDF. We also organized a media roundtable on Big Data and technology as catalysts for Africa’s socioeconomic development.

Over the years, we have forged fruitful partnerships with our client regulatory authorities. These include the Republic of Congo’s ARPCE, Rwanda’s RURA, Ghana’s NCA and GRA, and Uganda’s URA. Our service to our clients goes beyond the implementation of RegTech solutions. We also work with them to ensure they are fully equipped to operate the systems independently. This year, we have welcomed the ARPCE, URA, NCA, and GRA to our headquarters in Spain for workshops. The workshops were an opportunity to review our achievements in the context of our collaboration with these valued clients.

Keeping the momentum in 2024

I feel confident that GVG’s 2023 achievements have been very satisfactory. However, the milestones, awards, and events that have made 2023 such a successful year have also set the bar high for the new one. We can certainly be proud of what we have accomplished as a company. But digital innovation does not wait. We must, therefore, be ready to take on the opportunities and challenges 2024 may bring us. I trust GVG has what it needs to keep the momentum in 2024: an innovative spirit, resilience, a dedicated team, and solid partnerships.

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