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MWC 2022: The future will be connected

This year, business is back to normal at the Mobile World Congress (MWC)! After being cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event had taken place in a hybrid form the following year. But in 2022, the interaction will once again take place face to face, from 28 February until 3 March. Despite the disruption Covid-19 caused, GVG has remained a loyal participant in the MWC. We will be there again this year, as we were in 2021.

Promoting connectivity through innovation

The 2022 edition of the MWC will take place under the slogan “Connectivity Unleashed”. With this choice of slogan, the MWC points towards the seemingly unstoppable momentum connectivity and Internet services have gathered since the start of the pandemic. Good connectivity facilitates access to the Internet and the broad variety of essential services it provides, such as banking services. As a result, it plays a critical role in fostering digital and financial inclusion, especially in emerging and developing countries.

The event will thus explore, through its chosen themes, the technological innovations that will shape the connectivity ecosystem in 2022: 5G, AI, CloudNet, FinTech, the Internet of Everything and mobile technology.

Building knowledge and relationships

For GVG, the MWC 2022 represents an unmissable opportunity to tap into the developments that characterize the mobile connectivity industry. Indeed, due to our position as leading provider of RegTech, Fintech and all connectivity innovations are crucial to our activity. We will therefore closely follow all updates in these fields during our visit. Additionally, it is also an opportunity to connect with like-minded institutions on a more personal level.

On representing the company at the event, our CEO, James Claude, states: “I believe it is important for GVG, as a company whose core business is technological innovation, to support this flagship event of the mobile world. This year’s theme is particularly relevant. Indeed, connectivity is one of the pillars of socioeconomic development in emerging nations. I expect this year’s MWC will bring to light not only the areas for improvement, especially in emerging countries, but also the achievements of the past few years.”

The benefits of connectivity beyond the industry

True, the MWC’s 2022 topics are no strangers to being in the limelight. But through the lens of the event, they become more focused on the mobile industry. This industry plays a key role in keeping people, communities and businesses connected. The Tech Horizon theme, for instance, “aims to explore how mobile is transforming our future with innovations that go beyond the industry and deliver purpose”. Furthermore, Tech Horizon highlights the positive impact that mobile technology has on the achievement of the UN’s SDGs.

The MWC 2022 brings together industry and community, by highlighting, among others, the benefits of technology on a social and environmental level. GVG is proud to be a part of this community.

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