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ITU Telecom World

Global Voice Group promotes digital transformation and inclusion in Budapest

Global Voice Group (GVG), an international ICT solutions provider for governments and regulatory authorities, will attend the 48th edition of ITU telecom world, from 9 to 12 September in budapest (Hungary).

Global Voice Group will participate for the first time in the upcoming edition of ITU Telecom World, the annual global technology event for governments, corporates and SMEs, under the leadership of the United Nations. As a member of the ITU, GVG will take part in this leadinginnovation meeting point, with a STAND (902D) LOCATED IN HALL F, and will present the company’s strategy and digital solutions in two core sessions over the course of the event.

On 10 September, James Claude, CEO of GVG, will participate in the Forum Session UNIVERSAL FINANCIAL INCLUSION ACCESS THROUGH INNOVATIVE FINTECH AND DIGITAL CURRENCY, and will discuss the role played by digital identities and FinTech solutions in favour of financial inclusion.

On 8 September, Raul Vahisalu, GVG’s Vice-President of Technology, will speak at the Eleventh CTO Meeting and will present the strategic role of _5G AS DRIVER FOR IMPROVED QOS AND QOE IN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS.

“Digital Innovation is a core driver of social and economic transformations in societies. GVG’s mission is precisely to support governments, authorities and regulators, through digital solutions aimed at collecting and analysing essential data, metrics in crucial industries such as telecom and fintech to encourage transparency, compliance and security. At GVG we are thrilled to participate in this ITU event as it sets an industry scenario that is ripe for collaborations in innovative systems to build long-standing digital ecosystems”, explains James Claude.

Over the past 10 years GVG has become the trusted partner for governments and authorities in their digital transformation. Events like this one contribute to build on meaningful innovation-based alliances. The group is looking forward to further promote digitalization as a tool to foster financial inclusion, tax compliance and socio-economic development. Through a BOT scheme, the company only partners with governments and authorities that put forward the national interests.

The 48th edition of ITU World Congress will be held under the overall theme: “Innovating together: connectivity that matters”.  ITU is a global Tech event for governments, corporates and SMEs. The audience includes ICT ministers, regulators, major ICT companies and industry organizations with innovative tech solutions, as well as tech SMEs and innovators, industry CEOs and investors, non-governmental organizations, academics, consultants, media and digital visionaries.


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