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Global Voice Group Maximizes the Value of Data for Governments and Authorities With New Additions to Its Visio Suite of Digital Solutions

For more than 21 years, GVG has championed the digitalization of government agencies and public institutions, starting with telecom regulators who urgently needed data systems to cope with a liberalized and increasingly complex telecom environment. Over the last decade, the group has focussed on developing an integrated approach that culminated into the launch of its Visio suite of digital solutions, extending the scope of its technologies from telecoms to other key sectors.

Today, GVG is proud to announce the addition of a new powerful solution to the Visio Suite: X-Stream, a state-of-the-art platform for the oversight of cross-border money transfers and in-country financial transactions. This groundbreaking solution provides Central Banks, Financial Intelligence Units and other authorities with full metrics and data analytics capacities with respect to all types of monetary transactions, including remittances. X-Stream completes another existing Visio platform, M3, which collects and processes data on Mobile Money transactions specifically. Working together, these two solutions dramatically increase visibility over the whole transaction ecosystem of a given country.

Indeed, while each GVG platform consists of a stand-alone solution, they can also be combined to maximize value of data for government agencies and regulatory authorities. As James Claude, GVG’s CEO, pointed out: “Our different solutions work together and complete each other. This is the concept behind our Visio suite of digital platforms. Today, everything is interconnected and interrelated in an increasingly digitalized world. The Visio suite takes full advantage of that.”

Our group, he says, has been investing in the field of big data and artificial intelligence in order to help relevant authorities in the arena of predictive analysis, planning and policy compliance monitoring over the past years.”


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