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Domestic Revenue Mobilization

Global Voice Group (GVG) to Host Webinar on Boosting Domestic Revenue Mobilization

Madrid, Spain, October 20, 2022 – Global Voice Group (GVG), a global provider of ICT and RegTech solutions for governments and regulatory bodies, will host a webinar on the role of technology in driving domestic revenue mobilization.
The webinar will bring together stakeholders from across the digital financial services sector and expound on the role technology plays in assisting governments to mobilize revenue locally. Participants in the webinar will include Osioke Ojior, Co-Founder & CEO of Covenda (UK) and Board Advisor to RegTech Africa, and Lorraine Masinde, Founder and Senior Compliance Consultant, RegTech Compliance.

James Claude, CEO at GVG, says that the webinar is a great opportunity to bring together players in the technology space to discuss the role of existing and emerging technologies in supporting tax administrations to achieve their collection targets and grow their tax bases. “As part of our work, we develop technological solutions for our partners to assist them in fulfilling their mandate. Revenue mobilization is a challenge for many African nations, with many having tax-to-GDP ratios lower than the World Bank’s recommended ratio of 15%. With the implementation of the necessary digital and technological tools, African governments can greatly improve their tax-to-GDP ratios.

Only 15 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) have a tax-to-GDP ratio above the World Bank’s recommended ratio of 15%. That is out of the 30 countries analysed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in their Revenue Statistics in Africa 2021 report. Africa also lags behind other emerging economic blocs, averaging 16.6%, with the Asia-Pacific region having an average of 21%, and the Latin America and the Caribbean economies averaging 22.9%.
This webinar will be an opportunity to shed greater light on ways African governments can seek to better their yearly collections and secure funding for both local and regional projects” added Mr. Claude.

Those seeking to attend the webinar can register via the registration link. The webinar will take place virtually on Thursday 3rd November at 15:00 (CET).

About Global Voice Group (GVG)

Global Voice Group is a global provider of RegTech and Govtech solutions to governments and regulatory bodies. Since 2005, we have brought these institutions the benefits of Big Data analytics through advanced technological platforms that enable them to secure reliable and accurate data from crucial economic sectors. Our solutions effectively support them in their decision- and policy-making processes in various critical areas, such as financial inclusion, domestic revenue mobilization, sustainable development, and regulatory compliance.

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