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Strategic Role of Data

Discussing the Strategic Role of Data for Revenue Assurance with Key East African Media Experts

Global Voice Group in a virtual coffee discussing the strategic role of data for revenue assurance with key East African media experts.

A few years into the 4th Industrial Revolution, and following a year marked by technology’s fundamental role in supporting communication worldwide and by the fight against the rise of fake news through truthful and contrasted information, technology media experts have emerged as key players in the growing tech ecosystem.

For this reason, and with the aim of strengthening our relationships with all the key stakeholders who are directly or indirectly involved in our activity, GVG organized a “virtual coffee” with key media experts last week. The topic of the discussion was our core activity, that is to say data analytics for strategic purposes in the regulatory and tech ecosystems.

GVG and its relationship with Big Data

As an ice-breaker, please see below one of GVG’s corporate videos, which perfectly illustrates the company’s core activity, in less than 2 minutes. Do not miss it!


Obviously, the discussion was focused on Big Data, but more specifically on data collection, treatment and analysis. These actions play a fundamental role in revenue assurance and enable data-driven decision-making, which contributes to fostering improved compliance in the digital realm. Limited access to this data is therefore a matter of great concern for decision-makers.

Data privacy

When the discussion revolves around data processing, it is both inevitable and logical that the issue of data privacy arises. Users of digital services, whether they are individuals, companies or authorities and governments, need to have the assurance that their personal and professional data are dealt with in accordance with the data protection laws and regulations.

GVG’s solutions collect, analyze and process data. It therefore made complete sense for GVG to discuss such a hot topic as data privacy with the media, given the vital role the latter play in promoting transparency within society. We welcomed questions from Soko Directory, Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, The Kenyan Wallstreet, Tech Trends and Nation Media Group.

At this point, it is important to highlight that a balance between the use and the protection of personal data is possible. How? “Simply” by pseudonymizing, and then anonymizing, the data. What does this mean? As James Claude, CEO of Global Voice Group, explained to the attendees of the digital meeting, we transform the identified data by removing, replacing or adding fake identifiers that “anonymize” them. The following two aspects also need to be stressed: Firstly, the relevance of working with large clusters, since the larger the cluster, the less identifiable the data being treated are; and secondly, the importance of defining the safeguards of data privacy in your project environment. These safeguards consist of working with secure people and data, which will ultimately result in actionable intelligence and data-driven monitoring. This is what GVG is all about!

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GVG’s commitment to Africa

The final highlight was on GVG’s commitment to Africa and its inherent capacity for growth, which we have already demonstrated through the following initiatives: the formation of partnerships with organizations that are committed to the development of the continent, such as Smart Africa and the GPSDD; the creation of a fund for startups; and the training of our clients’ staff, to ensure the correct operation and development of the implemented solutions. However, by strengthening our relationship with communicators, exchanges such as this virtual coffee now enable us to take our commitment to the continent one step further.

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