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Regtech Africa Conference to Bolster Africa’s Role in the Global Economy in Partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

May 9, 2022 | Digital article
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By Susana Garcia Hiernaux

RegTech Africa is set to enhance Africa’s digital future through improved collaboration to unlock greater potential for technology innovation.

It is pioneering this move by bringing together regulators, leading industry experts, decision-makers, and government officials among others for the maiden edition of its immersive Africa-focused conference taking place between the 25th and 26th of May 2022. The event will seek to harness the potential of innovation and technology to solve real-world challenges.

Supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the high-level two-day virtual event rightly themed ‘REGULATORY INNOVATION: BOLSTERING AFRICA’S ROLE IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY’, will provide platforms for industry-shifting deliberations with C-Level executives, financial regulators, and policymakers at a global level. This will create opportunities to engage, connect and forge collaborations with organizations within the financial value chain.

The conference will foster inclusion and diversity for over 1000 attendees through breakout sessions in English, Arabic, and French. All participants will benefit from the all-encompassing conference particularly because of the diverse topics that will be explored by the versatile speakers and panelists. At every phase of the event, discussions will range from spotting business opportunities, trends, and sector forecasts, to implementing actionable marketing strategies, and proferring sustainable solutions that foster inclusive development in Africa’s financial ecosystem.

Conference chair and co-founder of SWIFT innovation arm, Matteo Rizzi, a dynamic top executive in the financial industry with two decades of experience in financial services, will join over 50 highly experienced speakers and 500+ seasoned C-level suite executives to address seminal themes. Some of the areas of opportunities to be explored in over 10 highly interactive panel/breakout sessions include; “Privacy and Data Protection in Digital Financial Services & Beyond”, “The Intersection of Regulations and Consumer Protection” and the “Innovative Regulatory Developments in the Financial and Insurance Ecosystem across Africa.”

A major aftereffect of the Coronavirus pandemic is the quick adaptation of digital tools to facilitate business processes and financial systems, this creates an urgent need for regulations in the sector to ensure that consumers are protected and the ecosystem remains sustainable. To make regulations possible as organizations continue to scale, prominent speakers like James Claude, CEO of Global Voice Group, a global provider of ICT and RegTech solutions for governments and regulatory agencies; Ritesh Jain, Advisor to the G20 Initiative for Financial Inclusion; Professor Olayinka David-West, Associate Dean, Lagos Business School; among other executives will dive deeply into core industry topics such as Financial inclusion,  Financial Crimes, Consumer Protection and Social Inclusion among others.

A key highlight of the conference which seeks to harness the potential of innovation and technology in resolving real-world challenges is the RegTech4Good Challenge, a focused Hackathon designed to raise awareness for the potential of Regulatory Technology (RegTech) adoption to sustain thriving local ecosystems.

The steady climb of tech innovation in the banking and financial sector in Africa is still in its nascent stage, and RegTech Africa is rightly positioned to steer the conversation which cuts across industry segments like telecoms, technology, healthcare, banking, and finance. This conference will create a ripple effect and introduce an exciting chapter on regulation and established systems in the financial orbit. RegTech Africa is at the helm of this vessel, sparking a transformative approach to building a sustainable digital society that thrives on formidable partnerships and fortified impact in Africa. Looking ahead, we can expect to see an Africa that is well-positioned to harness tools, build systems, and birth solutions that will transcend the continent and impact the globe.

To register for the Regtech Africa Conference and partner with RegTech Africa, visit www.RegTech.Africa or email

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