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Laurent Sarr: Unlocking the power of mobile positioning data – A game-changer for effective governance

June 24, 2024 | Digital article
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By Susana Garcia Hiernaux

Mobile positioning data (MPD) is at the forefront of data-driven governance. In this op-ed, Laurent Sarr, GVG’s CTO, shares his perspective on unlocking MPD for effective policymaking. MPD offer governments a wealth of information and statistics on sectors and activities where population movements is a key consideration, such as tourism, health and transport. As a result, they enable them to make informed decisions that will ultimately improve their citizens’ lives. Facilitating data access initiatives is therefore essential to harnessing the full potential of this precious resource. Regulators play a pivotal role in lifting access barriers, by providing the regulatory frameworks that will ensure data privacy and responsible data sharing and by collaborating with the stakeholders, with the goal of striking a balance between innovation and security.

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