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GVG: a Key Data Resource in the Central Banking Directory 2023

February 10, 2023 | News
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By Susana Garcia Hiernaux

Thanks to the work carried out over the years in the field of financial services as a leading Regtech provider, Global Voice Group (GVG) has been included in the “Central Banking Directory 2023” published by Central Banking Publications – a financial publishing house founded more than 30 years ago, specialized in public policy and financial markets, that counts among its prestigious advisory board, world-class experts such as a Nobel Prize-winning economist and former central bank governors from Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

The “Central Bank Directory” is considered a fundamental institutional guide for all stakeholders involved in the banking sector – not only Central Banks but also regulators and governments – providing detailed information on the senior management of central banks around the world, their portfolios, and their contacts.

GVG has been incorporated into this Directory, together with 13 other world-renowned corporations, as a key resource of market data for Central Banks.

The inclusion in a reference directory of this caliber is a response to many years of close collaboration with government institutions that rely on data technology to effectively manage their policies, regulations, and strategies to achieve their financial inclusion, revenue mobilization, and regulatory compliance objectives.

For more details on GVG, please find the profile on page 410 of the “Central Banking Directory 2023“.

Founded in 1998, GVG is a leading Regtech company in Africa. Long before the term “Regtech” was even coined, Global Voice Group was already offering technological solutions to support governments and regulatory authorities in their compliance management.

Since its inception, Global Voice Group has established long-standing relationships with its clients, through the provision of transaction monitoring solutions designed to collect and analyze big data from critical economic sectors, such as telecommunications and finance, and turn it into actionable information.

GVG’s original focus on the telecommunications sector, more specifically on voice call monitoring led to the development of one of its core solutions, Visio Telcom, a tool that enables regulators to effectively address various types of telecommunications-related fraud through automated detection and location technologies. The system has the capability to monitor the traffic of different protocol types, all in real-time.

But GVG has been able to grow in parallel with market demand and thus expand its value offering by extending its solutions to other sectors such as financial services. In this field, GVG developed the M3 (Mobile Money Monitoring) solution in 2013, which earned the company the Data Management Partner for Regulatory Compliance Award from Central Banking. M3’s innovative technology addresses the urgent need for an effective mobile money measurement tool as a prerequisite for traceability, and therefore good governance, in the digital transaction ecosystem, by providing relevant actors, including central banks and financial intelligence units (FIUs), with reliable data intelligence and analytics.

M3 automatically detects suspicious Mobile Money transactions, based on business rules, and uses international criminal and financial databases to perform background checks, thus enhancing and streamlining anti-money laundering operations. The flexibility and adaptability of this system allow data to be collected from any type of Mobile Money platform (customizable applications based on customer needs). Over time, the initial platform has evolved to offer more sophisticated functionalities and enhanced capabilities, with the option of real-time and near-real-time data collection.

GVG’s mission today is to assist governments and authorities in their digital transformation and in the effective promotion of a compliant and truly inclusive digital ecosystem, by enabling data-driven decision-making.