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MedUX and GVG partnership- an innovative approach to the African telcos’ quality of service

MedUX and GVG partnership: an innovative approach to the African telcos’ quality of service

Published on Ecofin Agency

Global Voice Group (GVG), a company specialized in ICT and RegTech solutions for governments and regulatory bodies, and MedUX, a firm which specializes in the measurement and monitoring of the experience and performance of telecom networks, have signed an agreement today. This agreement entails a decisive step towards improving the quality of service on the African continent, thanks to a new cloud operating system.

The main focus of this partnership for both organizations will be an innovative approach aimed at bettering the user’s Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) on the emerging African markets in which GVG has already had a consolidated presence for over 20 years. The system’s main advantage is its ability to carry out the deployment in a fast and dynamic manner, facilitating a streamlined implementation

Therefore, both companies will jointly provide their services to the African telecom authorities and regulators, in order to improve the visibility of the networks’ quality within a crucial sector for the region’s economic development. In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, mobile technologies and associated services generated an economic value of 155 billion dollars in 2019, which represents 9% of the region’s GDP, as well as 3.8 million direct and indirect jobs, according to the GSMA’s latest data.

This partnership will allow MedUX to boost their expansion strategy in Africa, taking advantage of GVG’s existing infrastructures for the collection, processing and visualization of information about the sector. In GVG’s case, it reinforces the company’s commitment to Africa, in order to bridge the digital gap and promote the establishment of a digital single market on the continent, and contributes to the gradual improvement of clients’ experience.

“After MedUX’s expansion to Europe and Latin America, we are going to deploy MedUX in Africa, where the telecom infrastructures will be crucial in the digitalization process, and we wish to help out during this process. To this end, there is no better strategic partner than Global Voice Group. We are thrilled with this joint project” says Luis Molina, CEO of MedUX.

“This partnership is a natural step within our strategy towards the African market, and will enable knowledge exchange, linking different teams’ capabilities to boost the quality of our services. The technical ‘know-how’ and MedUX’s knowledge regarding customer experience, as well as our track record and a solid infrastructure network in Africa, will allow us to offer a unique experience and an excellent quality of service thanks to the achieved synergies” explains James Claude, CEO of Global Voice Group.

About MedUX
MedUx specializes in measuring and monitoring the client’s digital experience in the telecom industry and provides innovative solutions for telecom operators, governments and private companies. MedUX is present in over 15 countries, with offices in Latin America and Europe. We improve the performance, Quality of Service and User Experience of networks in markets that serve more than 600 million users overall. MedUX’s innovative solutions measure, analyze and predict the quality of fixed and mobile telecommunications networks and TVs end-to-end and in real time.

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