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GVG’s professional accomplishments

GVG’s professional accomplishments in 2022

2022 was a successful year, the product of our resilient business model and continuous technological innovation over the pandemic years. Indeed, this year, we have been the recipients of prestigious recognitions, helped build our clients’ capabilities, and taken part in…

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Technology and tax collection

K24 interview – How technology can optimize tax collection

The increased digitalization of the economy has caused a surge in the use of digital forms of payment. This represents an opportunity for governments to leverage technology to optimize tax collection. James Claude, GVG’s CEO, talks to K24TV about how digital…

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Revenue Leakage video

Did you know that in Africa, billions are lost each year in telecoms because of fraudsters taking advantage of the lack of appropriate technologies in the anti-fraud toolbox?

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Telecom Regulation video

Do you know who is there to make sure everything actually complies with the regulation we trust? Find out this and much more about telecom regulation in this less than 1-minute video.

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Online Transaction Security video

Security, identity and data integrity are of growing concern, especially when it comes to online transactions and payments. Find out more about transaction security in this less than a minute video!  

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