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Telecom Traffic Tracker and Revenue-Assurance Solution Visio Telcom - GVG product

Transparency and reporting issues in telecoms

Despite its economic importance, the telecom sector is characterized by an overall lack of transparency
that negatively impacts all stakeholders, including governments, telecom regulators, consumers and the
operators themselves.

Insufficient reporting and lack of visibility over the traffic exchanged:

impede the regulatory oversight of the sector

create a fertile ground for fraud, which results in billions of dollars in lost revenue for the operators and the governments

affect the integrity and security of the telecom networks

The digital cornerstone of telecom regulation and revenue-assurance

Visio Telcom is a powerful digital solution with live dashboards that provide full and detailed telecom traffic metrics. It allows authorities to collect and mine telecom data for critical purposes, including:

regulatory oversight

data analytics for national security

telecom fraud management

collection of telecom specific taxes and levies

on-going market surveillance

This proven solution also includes an automated detector and tracker of international traffic-related fraud.

Visio Telcom Track Record

Visio Telcom has been implemented in a dozen countries, allowing the stakeholders to secure more than US$2.5 billion in international traffic revenues alone. Its antifraud component also enabled the authorities to reduce bypass fraud by up to 99%, while fostering a more transparent, compliant and safer telecom ecosystem.