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Challenges Faced by Governments and Regulators

As a key national resource, the telecoms sector needs to be harnessed and protected, especially in developing and emerging countries, where oversight capability is often limited.

The Visio Suite Solution

Our state-of-the-art Visio Suite was primarily designed to effectively support all aspects of telecom regulation.

It enables telecom and financial authorities to obtain reliable and accurate data directly from the relevant sectors, thus providing them with the means to successfully address critical challenges such as:

Telecom revenue-assurance

Telecom revenue control

Telecom regulatory monitoring

Fraud management

Mobile Internet regulatory monitoring

Security and compliance of the handset population

Compliance of the SIM cards market and distribution channels

Visio Suite's Track Record

Used in fifteen countries

Earned GVG the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award

Measures, verifies and analyses over five billion telecom-related transactions on a daily basis

Brings over 100 million handsets into the compliance and safety net every day.

Has contributed to reducing fraud by a rate going from 54% to 99% in our beneficiary countries.

Used by revenue agencies and security authorities as well as telecom regulators.