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The Key Role of Governments and Regulators in SIM Compliance Enforcement

Sim cards are what allows the billions of current mobile users in the world to be identified and to access a wide range of services and products.

Left uncontrolled, the SIM market leads to a number of abuses and security issues that affect the consumers as well as the whole mobile ecosystem, including:

Black market SIMs

Identity theft through SIM swapping and hacking

Criminal use of SIMs

All other risks associated with poor or no identification of mobile users

Governments and telecom regulators have a key role to play in enforcing the market compliance with relevant regulation and laws.

The Digital Solution to Monitor and Enforce Compliance in the SIM Market

Visio SIM has been specially developed for regulation and law enforcement purposes. This digital solution acts as a centralized SIM controller that provides key functionalities and capabilities, including:



Crime investigation

Big data analytics

Market surveillance


Overall, Visio SIM helps promote trustable mobile identities for a safer telecom environment.