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How much do telecom companies owe governments?

Many telecom providers have faced penalties for failing to declare their actual revenues. In some cases, this failure to comply can be attributed to the complexities of the telecom sector and those of its regulatory framework.

Enforcing tax compliance in this vital sector is often a time-consuming and frustrating process for governments and revenue authorities, especially in countries that need to improve their domestic revenue mobilization. Their efforts are continuously impeded by:

A lack of adherence to transparency rules

Insufficient or incomplete data

Sophisticated tax avoidance schemes

The Most Powerful Incentive to Transparency and Compliance

Visio Revenue is a cutting-edge system that tracks and verifies all revenue-generating events from the telecom sector. It enables the authorities to independently collect, at the source, the data they need to:

monitor telecom providers for tax compliance

gather evidence to better inform and speed up fiscal auditing and tax adjustment processes

get the real picture of the telecom market in their country, based on continuously updated stats

Visio Revenue Track Record

Visio Revenue has been implemented in several countries where it currently tracks and verifies billions of telecom transactions every day.