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The Impact of Non-Compliant Devices on Revenue and Security

By 2025, the ever-expanding mobile ecosystem will connect nearly 6 billion devices with each other and the Internet.

However, not all of these devices are safe, compliant or used by their rightful owners. These non-compliant devices:

Deprive the telecom industry of substantial revenue

Impact the handset taxes collected by the government in many countries

Threaten the very integrity and security of telecom networks

Enforcing Handset Population Compliance and Security with Visio Device

Visio Device is an advanced solution that fully addresses the need for device traceability and identification in the mobile ecosystem of any country. This centralized device identification registry enables the authorities to:

Control the country's handset population in real time, based on reliable and accurate data

Optimize collaboration with the industry

Fight counterfeiting and other device-related issues

Tackle other types of telecom fraud

Carry out national security investigations and operations

Visio Device Track Record

Implemented in several countries, Visio Device has brought over 100 million devices into compliance from 2013 to 2019, thus improving network security.