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Data Services Metrics and Oversight Solution Visio Data

Telecom revenue erosion and overall impact of mobile Internet

Unlike their traditional telecom equivalents, over-the-top (OTT) providers offer Internet-based telecom service sat no charge and tax-free. As a result, the shift from voice to data services has created financial and regulatory issues for governments and regulators, including but not limited to:

Losses in tax revenue

Double-standard between regulated telecoms and unregulated OTTs

Loss of regulatory control over an increasing part of the telecom ecosystem

Unfair competition between traditional telecom operators and OTTs

A Powerful Data Solution for Data Services Oversight

A clear and comprehensive view of the real situation is the very first step towards an effective regulation of data and OTT services.

Visio Data is a powerful mobile broadband reporting and measurement solution that allows for data-driven regulation and policy-making. Among many critical functionalities, it provides:

Tracking and measurement of specific data and OTT taxes or levies, if any

Full data service metrics

Live dashboards with all indicators and statistics in near real-time

Visio Data Track Record

Visio Data has been implemented in several countries, where it currently processes a daily average of nearly 75 million data sessions.