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GVG has developed a sustainable investment philosophy to promote innovation and
build synergies with other breakthrough companies.

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Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

In 2020, GVG created a fund to invest in entrepreneurship and new ideas.

Focused on start-ups with interesting potential, this new investment vehicle aims at encouraging entrepreneurship in Africa.

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GVG's Investment Approach

We seek to invest in exceptional entrepreneurs who have unique ideas.

Our goal is to assist them in scaling their businesses in order to achieve sustainable growth.

We help them achieve that by leveraging our expertise, access to markets, and technologies.

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Investment Criteria

There must be clear synergies between us and the benefitting company, in order to leverage our expertise and access to markets, data, and technology per opportunity.

We look for large addressable markets with a clear geographical preference for Africa, but with capabilities to add value globally.

We seek clear business models that offer competitive advantages and barriers to entry, enabling us to scale the business model across various markets.

Our focus is on feasible financial models.

We would only partner with high quality management teams.