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Challenges Facing Governments and Central Banks

For Governments and Central Banks, remittances represent a vital resource to promote and protect.

However, as remittance markets continue to grow, so do the risks associated with these transactions, such as:

Illicit money flows

Money laundering

A general lack of regulatory compliance

Security issues

Monitoring compliance and measuring transactions with X Stream

X Stream provides data-driven AML tools and ensures that each and every dollar sent and received is legal and accounted for.

X Stream provides you with actionable information on each remittance transaction, through live dashboards and unique functionalities that include:

Full reporting on transactions volumes, fraud, revenue, cumulative amount of taxes due, etc.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) capabilities with automated detection of suspicious transactions

Automated measurement of inbound and outbound remittances

Data analytics for financial intelligence purposes

Background checks using the biggest international criminal and financial databases