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Challenges Faced by Governments, Central Banks and Other Stakeholders of the Payment Ecosystem

As it involves many different providers, platforms and services, interoperability has become an absolute necessity in the digital payment ecosystem. The multiplicity of intermediaries and bilateral agreements between providers also increases the costs for the end users and makes it more difficult for central banks and governments to oversee this complex ecosystem.

True Interoperability and Cost Savings Through a Highly Secure Payment Gateway

TransFin offers a cost saving, highly reliable and secure solution to interoperability and other issues in the payment ecosystem of a given country. This API-based system allows governments and central banks to deploy a highly efficient payment gateway that benefits all end-users, including those who only hold Mobile Money accounts. Among these benefits, TransFin:

Improves Government Payroll Management

Improves government payroll management

Improves And Streamlines Settlement Between All Payment Providers

Improves and streamlines settlement between all payment providers

Dramatically Reduces The Cost Of Payment Processing For Governments

Dramatically reduces the cost of payment processing for governments

Further Promotes Financial Inclusion.

Further promotes financial inclusion.

Minimizes Risks Of Duplicate Or Ghost Payments, Fraud, Invalid Records, Etc.

Minimizes risks of duplicate or ghost payments, fraud, invalid records, etc.