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Challenges Faced by Governments and Central Banks

The rapid expansion of the global cashless environment creates unique opportunities for your government. Unlike cash transactions, digital transactions can all be traced and controlled, which should bring more people into the tax compliance net.

As a result, governments need to promote the benefits of a cashless society, while minimizing its inherent risks.

The Fin X Solution

Our Fin X Suite uses a cutting-edge digital approach to the growing issue of digital transactions compliance.

Its state-of-the-art digital platforms provide governments, banking authorities and financial intelligence units with full metrics and actionable information regarding: mobile money and remittances

In strict adherence to the regulations, policies and laws of your country, these platforms bring you powerful functionalities and capabilities that include:

Real-time measurement for market surveillance, regulatory oversight and government payroll management

Data analytics for financial intelligence purposes

Automated detection of fraudulent and suspicious transactions and minimization of fraudulent or invalid government payroll operations

Background checks using the biggest international criminal and financial databases

Authentication and verification of transactions and government payroll operations

The Fin X Suite's Track Record

Fin X is currently used by the governments of 5 countries to measure and verify huge volumes of digital transactions amounting to over US $90 billion per year.

In East Africa alone, where Mobile Money services are the most heavily relied upon, it gives governments full visibility over 25% of all Mobile Money flows.