GVG introduced the very first technological responses to several complex issues in emerging and other countries such as the increasing problem of tax compliance, revenue leakage and overall governance. The benefits of our solutions extend far beyond revenue protection and boosting—we provide the control tools for regulatory enforcement and high-level analytical tools to assist policy and decision-makers. In this way, transparency is provided over all transactions and institutional systems can be modernised to meet the challenges and requirements of the new digital world.


We provide our clients with innovative ways of investing in their socio-economic development.

We do this by enabling them to harness the financial potential of crucial sectors of the economy, by levying micro-contributions on globalised sectors of the economy which have much to offer in terms of volume and sustainability. Some of these sectors are: telecommunications, financial transactions and travel and tourism.

We have an ironclad independence, which has earned us the trust of eight governments: Rwanda, Liberia, Guinea-Conakry, Congo-Brazzaville, the Central African Republic, Togo, Senegal and Ghana. Our unique product offering, has been designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.


However, Global Voice Group is much more than a technology provider.

We provide our clients with innovative ways of harnessing the financial potential of the telecoms and other globalised sectors so that they can leverage these sectors to invest in their socio-economic development. This is known as Innovative Financing for Development which has been advocated by the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.


Global Voice Group is committed to providing emerging and developing countries with means to harness their own domestic tax resources.

In order to achieve this objective, GVG created Avatar Technologies Ltd (ATL).

Through ATL, GVG develops and implements innovative IT solutions aiming to optimize tax collection and compliance in emerging and developing countries.

These solutions allow governments to acquire full visibility over tax-related data and to accurately determine the tax revenue owed to them. This new source of revenue, which we help create, does not rely on foreign aid, nor does it entail any debt for the government.

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