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Public-private partnership

Over the years Global Voice Group has built strong public-private partnerships (PPP) with governments across the world wishing to acquire control and management infrastructures for their telecommunications sectors.

Governments in both developed and developing countries are progressively recognizing the clear advantages of calling on the expertise and innovative solutions of the private sector to bring their infrastructure projects to fruition.

It is often difficult, and sometimes impossible, for governments to source funding for complex projects while internally developing the expertise needed to carry them out successfully; this is particularly true in the telecommunications sector. And that is why more and more public decision-makers are turning to PPPs, and why choosing the right collaborator is key to a successful partnership.

Global Voice Group's BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) business model serves as a foundation for our PPPs. Through it, Global Voice Group ensures that skills and technologies are transferred to our telecommunications regulations partners, while offering them highly efficient infrastructures. Global Voice Group alone takes on the risk of financing, implementing and ensuring the optimal performance of these infrastructures.