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Our Difference

Top five reasons to choose GVG

Proven results in revenue mobilization for governments

Since 2009, GVG has generated over 2.5 B US$ in new revenue streams to eleven beneficiary countries by implementing solutions to monetize and control international voice services. As of 2013, we extended our revenue mobilization expertise to the full spectrum of telecom services, as well as the digital financial industry.

Groundbreaking expertise in digital audit solutions for governments and agencies

We provide governments and state agencies with unique digital solutions, enabling them to effectively oversee entire sectors of their economies, such as telecoms and Fintechs.

Absolute neutrality and independence from the industry

Working exclusively for governments and related agencies since 2005, GVG is one of the few providers who can attest to total neutrality and independence from the industries targeted by its digital audit platforms. This resolute independence enables us to guarantee indisputably unbiased solutions, free of any potential conflict of interest.

Highly qualified multilingual global workforce

Our clients can rely on a highly qualified workforce of over 200 engineers, technicians, IT specialists and project managers operating across the globe, who are fluent in many different languages.

Flexible and advantageous financial terms

We offer flexible and advantageous financial terms as part of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). Governments benefit from net revenue streams, whilst we recoup our investment and operational expenses through either a fair share of revenue generated by our solutions or negotiated service fees.