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Mobility Intel
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The Value of Mobility Intel for Decision-making

GVG has a long track record in collecting and analyzing data to assist governments and regulators in strategic decision-making.

The access to mobility data is crucial for governments and for decision-makers, since it can help predictive analysis on mobility trends, for an ample range of purposes.
Mobile data provides actionable information through population mobility insights.

This is our new mobile reality and mobility data has proven to be an essential information source for decision-makers.

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Mobility Data for Responsive Governments

GVG's Mobility Data can be used for many critical purposes, including but not limited to:

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Data Anonymization and Security at the Center

GVG pioneers the mining of telecom and financial data for other critical purposes.

We have a long successful track record, not only in mining this data, but also in protecting it and ensuring full compliance with privacy laws.

Private Data Anonymization

We provide full capabilities for the anonymization of private data.

Secure Cloud

We host the solution in a highly secure cloud environment. The network architecture meets the requirements of the most security-sensitive criteria.

Best Security Practices

We ensure that IT infrastructure is aligned with the best security practices and IT standards.
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How do we Action Mobility Intelligence?

Through 3 integrated but autonomous modules.

Central Module

integrates all 3 & hosts big data analytics
runs queries & manages the datasets.

Location Reports

collect information on residents
in-country foreigners
citizens abroad

Heat Maps

Case Study


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