Using technology to provide government revenue for development

Global Voice Group’s Interconnection Management System (IMS) leverages ICTs and real-time data technologies to allow telecoms regulators to monitor any country’s national and international interconnection traffic efficiently. In this way, the IMS allows for the accurate calculation and billing of levies to be paid to government by the telecoms companies from the interconnection rates. This, is in stark contrast with to the self-declaratory systems which used to be prevalent in certain these countries, leaving many loopholes for dishonesty and fraud.

GVG pioneered this innovative approach to providing revenue for government coffers, commencing with emerging countries in Africa. This system has now become a reference across the world, from Africa to other countries and regions, and is helping many governments raise revenue to address burning development platforms issues in their countries.

Through the innovative IMS system, countries governments can raise money to improve education and health, reduce poverty, and provide for infrastructure in their countries—without increasing their foreign debt or becoming too reliant on development funds. With the available funds dwindling year by year, it would be prudent for these countries to demonstrate a modicum of independence and wean themselves off external funding.

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