Ten reasons why Global Voice Group is the preferred partner of governments that wish to optimize telecom governance

Since 1998, Global Voice Group’s (GVG) professionalism, innovation and vast expertise have led it to becoming an internationally recognized expert in telecom governance and revenue mobilization, having earned the trust and confidence of the government and telecom regulatory agency of many emerging and developing countries, especially in Africa. The state-of-the-art solutions we have implemented in these countries have successfully promoted transparency and regulatory compliance in their respective telecom sector, and created substantial additional revenue streams for the governments.

Due to its dynamism and to the ever-increasing range of telecom-related technologies, services and providers available on the market, the telecom sector is making a substantial contribution to the countries’ economy. As a result, governments and regulatory agencies worldwide have come to realize the importance of effectively managing and harnessing this sector, as well as the importance of acquiring the best governance technologies and services. Many of them have thus selected GVG as their preferred partner, for the following ten reasons:

1. We adapt to deliver
After reorienting our core business towards the development of IT solutions for governments and regulatory authorities in 2005, we extended our revenue mobilization expertise to the whole spectrum of telecom services, as well as to the digital financial industry. As a result, from 2008 to 2016, the eleven countries which elected to monetize and control international voice services through our state-of-the-art solutions collectively earned a massive 2.2 billion USD in additional revenue.

2. Our expertise in the provision and implementation of IT solutions for governments and state agencies is unparalleled
Our solutions are specifically designed to help governments and state agencies–and them only–to fulfill their complex mandates and to effectively oversee whole sectors of the economy (telecommunications, financial services).

3. We enjoy total independence from the industry
Since we work only with governments and state agencies, we are able to claim total neutrality and independence from the industries our solutions are aimed at. This means that the projects we undertake are always free of any conflict of interest.

4. We are committed to building the technological capacities of our clients
Not only do we provide our government clients with technology and services that have been adapted to their specific needs, we also train their staff and transfer the IT infrastructures, systems and skills to them, in order to enable them to operate and manage our solutions independently.

5. We can boast an outstanding track record of successful projects
We have successfully implemented major IT projects involving telecom monitoring and regulation, fraud management, revenue mobilization, electronic control of taxes and digital financial services monitoring in 15 different countries. Our clients commend our efficiency and professionalism, and have reported enhanced financial protection, transparency and regulatory compliance in their respective telecom and financial services sectors, as well as a reduction in fraudulent activities and improved security and quality of service.

6. We innovate constantly
We are constantly working to keep our technology up to date, not only to ensure that we stay abreast of the never-ceasing developments in the ICT domain, but also–and that is our priority to ensure that we are always in a position to meet the evolving needs and requirements of our clients.

7. We keep our payment terms flexible
We offer our government clients flexible and advantageous financial terms as part of Public-Private-Partnerships. For instance, we bear the costs of the initial infrastructure, equipment and software installation, so that the client does not have to make any upfront payment. We then recover our investment through either a fair share of the substantial additional revenue generated by our solutions or a negotiated service fee.

8. Our staff speaks your language
One of Global Voice Group’s major assets is its talented team of employees. It is composed of more than 150 highly qualified and motivated engineers, technicians, IT specialists and project managers from different nationalities who are fluent in many different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian… and even Creole. Our multilingual staff will always endeavor to carry out the communication required in the context of a given project in the client’s preferred language.

9. Our key staff is available on site
We strongly believe in being readily available to our clients. As a result, GVG employs highly mobile professionals who can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world, thus ensuring the on-site presence of key technical and managerial personnel for the whole duration of our contracts with governments and state agencies.

10. We provide outstanding support and maintenance services
Our Support and Maintenance Department is available 24/7, and thus always ready to intervene should a problem occur. Our sophisticated, yet user-friendly online support platform makes it quick and easy for our clients to log their various queries and support requests. These will then be dealt with efficiently and in a timely fashion, through a well-managed request processing and work order system.

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