Telecoms Traffic Monitoring Systems for Revenue Assurance

Telecommunications traffic monitoring systems ensure accurate real-time collection and control of data for governments, the same way Customs and Immigration checks would do, since it checks that international telephone traffic terminated onto the country does not bypass the legal gateways and also carry out audits on the declarations of the operators.

These checks are important for emerging countries so they can avoid revenue losses and also enforce national security on a broader level by preventing the use of funds obtained via fraud for terrorism. Apart from revenue protection, they also provide the control tools for regulatory enforcement and high-level analytical tools to facilitate informed decision-making for policy and decision-makers.

Global Voice Group (GVG) provides such telecommunications traffic monitoring systems exclusively to governments and regulatory authorities and its revenue-assurance technology has already been successfully deployed in many emerging countries. Their systems enabled the governments of these countries to create and optimize new revenue streams when faced with dwindling foreign aid, increasing fraudulent practices such as money-laundering and support for terrorism.

GVG’s traffic monitoring systems technology enables full control over data and further modernization of government institutions in order to channel the new revenue streams from telecoms to projects to improve and relieve the most pressing needs in emerging countries.

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