Structuring Big Data for optimal government efficiency with GVG’s solutions

Global Voice Group (GVG) has developed three solutions  ̶  IMS, ARMS and DMS ̶  that allow the relevant regulatory authorities to structure, and thus harness the power of, the Big Data yielded by the telecommunications sector, for planning, development, control and security purposes. These solutions respectively monitor the different flows of telephone traffic in a given country, the revenue yielded by the full spectrum of telecom services and the data traffic.

Thus equipped, the regulatory authorities are able not only to optimize their revenue from the telecoms sector, but also to generate additional revenue for development purposes, through the implementation of micro-levies on a variety of transactions. Furthermore, GVG’s solutions play a significant role in the strengthening of national security, as they allow for the monitoring of mobile money systems, which are now widely used for financing terrorist cells and other criminal activities.

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