Rocketing Internet traffic in Africa calls for greater data transparency

The African continent is set to undergo the most rapid Internet traffic (IP) growth worldwide between now and 2020.  In the same period, fixed broadband speeds in Africa will increase 2.4 fold, with an average mobile speed connection of 5Mbit/s.

Over the next five years, global IP networks will support up to 10 billion new devices and connections, which represents an increase from 16.3 billion in 2015 to 26.3 billion by 2020. With this increase in traffic, there is a need for more comprehensive security measures to protect data and reduce network exposure to fraud and illegal activities.

James Claude, Vice-President of Technologies at Global Voice Group (GVG), says that one way governments and regulators can get to grips with the expanding telecommunications sector is through Global Voice Group’s Automated Revenue Monitoring System (ARMS)—which would enable them to control the telecoms data and modernise in order to meet all the latest telecoms requirements.

Says Claude:

“The ARMS solution was developed by GVG specifically to meet the growing needs of regulatory and tax authorities for effective telecoms revenue control and verification systems.  ARMS is one of GVG’s products at the forefront of fiscal and telecommunications development in many emerging African countries. The data collected by ARMS can be used for regulatory control, financial and fiscal auditing, market monitoring and intelligence, fraud detection and mitigation (tax evasion, money laundering) and facilitating decision-making at regulatory or government level.”

Accurate market data leads to better governance of the telecommunications sector, to market growth, to increased revenue for both the government and the private sector and to better pricing for consumers.  The key to good governance is transparency—ARMS can provide the visibility over the telecommunications sector that governments need.

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