Putting quality first in the telecom industry with our QoS-Rover

In the telecommunications industry, price is no longer the sole factor in the decision to purchase or retain a specific service. Quality of service (QoS) – a measure of the overall level of a customer’s satisfaction with a specific provider – and quality of experience (QoE) – the description of the overall performance of a service, such as a mobile network – now feature among the top priorities for customers.

It is therefore in the network operators’ interest to ensure that their subscribers enjoy the best possible level of both QoS and QoE. But ensuring that the QoS and QoE meet the published standards also forms part of the telecommunications regulatory authority’s responsibilities. The latter therefore needs access to the statistics related to all the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as described by the International Telecommunication Union. These KPIs include the call setup success rate, bandwidth use, signal strength, the average length of calls and the number of dropped calls, among others.

In order to assist telecom regulators in obtaining the data they need to ensure that the QoS and QoE provided by the operators in their respective country meet the legal requirements, Global Voice Group (GVG) has developed QoS-Rover, an automated web solution for the real-time monitoring and the analysis of the QoS. QoS-Rover allows regulators to configure and perform a variety of tests to assess, in real time, the QoS related to network coverage, as well as services such as voice, data, SMS and roaming. Furthermore, powerful reporting functionalities enable the creation of detailed, accurate and customizable QoS reports for each operator and type of service.

Using the exhaustive QoS-related data yielded by QoS-Rover, regulators are able to proactively protect the interests of the mobile subscribers, instead of managing complaints after the fact, as is still too often the case. The data also provides them with hard evidence to assess the operators’ compliance with Service Level Agreements. However, this is also a win-win situation for the operators, as increasing levels of both QoS and QoE will positively reflect on their business, allowing them to either gain new customers or retain existing ones. Therefore, by protecting the consumers, incentivizing the operators and empowering the regulator, QoS-Rover helps protect the interests of all stakeholders in the telecom industry.

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