Telecom Traffic Monitoring System (TTMS)

Telecom traffic data miner for governments and agencies

The TTMS is an advanced telecom traffic monitoring system that was specifically designed to provide governments and telecom authorities with full and real-time visibility over the whole of the interconnection traffic handled by local operators and international carriers. It enforces transparency and regulatory compliance in today’s interconnected telecom environment, while increasing both the technical and financial performances of all national and international interconnections in a given country and without adversely impacting the operators’ activities in any way.

It includes powerful tools, such as the TELECOP module, the purpose of which is to curb telecom fraud, thus securing the revenues generated international incoming calls, for the benefits of both the government and the operators.


      • → Enforces transparency and accountability throughout the telecom sector
      • → Eliminates the risk of under-declaration
      • → Protects the revenue against fraudulent practices, such as the illegal termination of
        international incoming calls (aka gray traffic or SIM-boxing)
      • → Non-intrusive and multi-gateway
      • → Able to monitor all network types (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA, WiMAX, cable networks and IMS)
      • → Real-time functioning
      • → Scalable and extensible
      • → High data storage and archiving capacity
      • → Safety and redundancy
      • → Secure VPN-type access

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