Telecom Revenue Verification System (TRVS)

Telecom revenue-auditing platform for governments and relevant agencies

In the context of a purely declaratory regime, telecom authorities can only rely on the statements and accounts provided by the operators in order to audit the latter’s revenues and ensure tax compliance on their part. Call Detail Records and other files can be provided for verification purposes, but there is no guarantee regarding the reliability and authenticity of such information, and the verification process is time-consuming.

The TRVS addresses the shortcomings of such regimes by allowing for the comprehensive collection of data related to all types of telecom services subjected to income taxes, excise taxes, VAT and other levies and fees. The solution will provide the relevant authorities with full visibility over the financial performance of the telecom sector, in total and broken down per operator, service and type of transaction.

By providing the real picture of the telecom market in any given country, the TRVS allows for evidence-based decision and policy making. Furthermore, based on the data collected and consolidated by the platform, accurate invoices can be created for the specific levies, fees and/or other contributions applied to each type of traffic, service or transaction.


  • → Captures, and accounts for, all actual revenues generated by top-up cards, post-paid accounts and roaming services
  • → Dramatically reduces the risk of revenue under-declaration
  • → Cross-checks financial declarations using the data collected at the source and carries out the relevant tax adjustments
  • → Provides a clear and comprehensive view of the evolution of the telecom market and trends in the country, in real time and over any period
  • → Watches and analyzes the evolution of the mobile services market and of its different segments
  • → Ensure that the policies and regulations related to rates, taxes and income tax returns are strictly adhered to
  • → Allows for a better control of the financial flows of the telecom sector, which plays a vital role in the national economy

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