System for the testing of quality of service in the telecom sector

The QoS-Rover is a cost-effective solution for the testing and monitoring of the QoS and Quality of Experience (QoE) actually delivered by all the network operators of a given country. It stands out from the QoS systems intended for the operators themselves, which require costly and heavy equipment, are slow to deploy and often complicated to use.

While addressing these shortcomings, The QoS-Rover allows the Regulator to configure a similar range of tests for data, voice, SMS, roaming, and coverage.

Main Functionalities:
Allows for real-time testing of:

  • → Network coverage
  • → Voice services
  • → SMS
  • → Data services
  • → Roaming services

Provides detailed and reliable QoS performance reports for the telecom operators of a given country;

Provides QoS Tests Reports by period, operator, and type of service;

Enables QoS comparative analysis between the different MNOs in a given country;

Provides the ability to link test reports to physical locations using GSP coordination from the test devices.


  • → Enhanced and proactive protection of consumers, as opposed to traditional after-the-fact complaint management
  • → Evidence-based assessment of compliance with Service Level Agreements
  • → Improved decision-making related to telecom regulation and policy

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