System for the testing of quality of service in the telecom sector

In order to assist telecom regulators in obtaining the data they need to ensure that the QoS and QoE provided by the operators in their respective country meet the legal requirements, GVG has developed QoS-ROVER, an automated web solution for the real-time monitoring and analysis of the QoS.

This solution stands out from the QoS systems intended for the operators themselves due to its reasonable cost, ease of deployment and overall user-friendliness. QoS-Rover allows regulators to configure and perform a variety of tests to assess, in real time, the QoS related to network coverage, as well as services such as voice, data, SMS and roaming. Furthermore, powerful reporting functionalities enable the creation of detailed, accurate and customizable QoS reports for each operator and type of service.


  • → Real-time and accurate information on the quality of service as experienced by the consumers themselves
  • → Customizable reports
  • → Automated notifications
  • → Modular and scalable solution
  • → Fully automated testing
  • → Seamless integration of multiple devices
  • → Supports all the major network technologies: GSM, 2G/2.5G/3G/4G, CDMA, etc.
  • → Large range of predefined regulatory test cases
  • → Supports the European Telecommunications Standards Institute’s (ETSI) standards
  • → Full automation of the data processing chain
  • → A single user is able to monitor and control numerous fixed and mobile probes from a centralized location

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