Mobile Money Monitoring System (M3)

The electronic mobile money watchdog for governments and relevant agencies

The M3 allows for the real-time monitoring of all MM transactions processed by the MM services in a given country. Through the ongoing collection, consolidation and analysis of MM information, it enables the governments and relevant agencies to address the issues that arise in a rapidly developing mobile payment services ecosystem, including the enforcement of AML, KYC and CFT standards. Overall, it provides the data required to oversee the MM industry and ensure its harmonious and sustainable development in compliance with laws and regulation. The M3 helps reap the full benefits of MM as a powerful financial inclusion means while addressing its vulnerabilities in terms of consumer protection, money laundering, and revenue leakages.

Main Functionalities:
Aggregated and detailed data related to all mobile money transactions, continuously updated, including:

  • → Cash-in
  • → Cash-out
  • → Total money in circulation for any given period
  • → Money transfers
  • → P2P transactions
  • → Payments to merchants
  • → Top-ups

Mobile money reports per:

  • → Mobile money network (operators)
  • → Transaction count
  • → Transaction amount
  • → Transaction fees
  • → Customer

Allows for a real oversight of the Mobile Money market in the country, thus enabling the authorities to verify compliance with relevant laws and regulation, including:

  • → AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Laws
  • → KYC (Know-your-customer) standards and rules
  • → CFT (Combat-the-Financing-of- Terrorism) standards

Provides a clear and comprehensive view of the evolution of the Mobile Money market and trends in the country, in real time and over any period.

Better informs the decision- and policy- making processes related to Mobile Money through comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Can be used in conjunction with GVG’s AML complementary solution to investigate and track money-laundering activities.

Makes it possible to generate new revenue streams for the government, through the monetization of selected Mobile Money transactions that are accurately measured and billed by the system.


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