Mobile Money Monitoring System (M3)

The electronic mobile money watchdog for governments and relevant agencies

GVG’s M3 is the very first platform ever developed to allow governments and relevant authorities, including telecom regulators, tax administrations and central banks, to monitor mobile money services.

This innovative, proven solution provides the authorities with the full visibility they need to enforce regulatory compliance in the mobile money ecosystem, by capturing all transaction data from each mobile money application, for monitoring, verification and analysis purposes. It also includes comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) modules.

M3 helps reap the full benefits of mobile money as a powerful means of financial inclusion, while successfully addressing its vulnerabilities in terms of consumer protection, money laundering, revenue leakages and overall compliance.


  • → Ensures that all mobile money transactions are traceable, compliant, transparent and secure
  • → Enforces anti-money laundering laws and international standards (AML)
  • → Fights against the financing of terrorism (CFT)
  • → Enforces KYC standards
  • → Protects consumers against fraud and issues related to mobile money security, quality of service and billing
  • → Better informs the decision- and policy-making process related to the regulation of mobile money
  • → Monetizes selected mobile money transactions as a source of innovative financing for the government
  • → Uses mobile money-related data for credit scoring as part of a micro-credit initiative to promote financial inclusion and foster economic growth

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