Suite of hardware and software tools for Telecom Clearinghouses

MATRIX consists of a set of tools and applications that allow for the management of all the services, processes and functionalities of a Clearinghouse (CH) for interconnected telecom operators. It ensures that payments related to off-net traffic are compliant, and reduces the risks of breach of agreement by one or several entities, thus preventing commercial problems that could potentially affect both the operators and the final users in an interconnected environment. MATRIX independently evaluates all the interconnections, as well as the accounting transactions carried out between the members of the CH.

Main Functionalities:

  • → Registration, configuration, identification and management of CH members
  • → Creation and distribution of unique digital certificates
  • → Certification of documents and transactions using PKI infrastructure
  • → Secured connection to the platform to all CH members
  • → Management of contractual document and the other data pertaining to the services
  • → Enables Members to securely declare
  • → National interconnect voice, national roaming traffic, national transit traffic and SMS count on a monthly basis by uploading Excel files or manually inputting them in the system for each interconnection
  • → Capability to collect national interconnect CDRs directly from each operator’s network via monitoring probes.
  • → Documentation tracking through the system
  • → Control of the frequency and conditions in which CH members can make declarations
  • → Enables each CH member to follow the entire conciliation cycle for every service on the system
  • → Unique messaging platform for all CH members
  • → Conciliation reports for each interconnection
  • → Final invoices based on the approved conciliation reports
  • → Ability to interconnect with a banking system as and when required, for settlement purposes
  • → Payment receipt issuance
  • → Payment monitoring and tracking
  • → Alerts related to payment delays
  • → Invoice tracking for all CH members
  • → TDR processing and volume aggregation
  • → CDR data comparison
  • → Invoice generation


  • → Provides total visibility over the financial flows and services exchanges between networks
  • → Allows for more precise reconciliation of the invoices, insofar as the data are checked at both ends of the interconnection link
  • → Allows for optimal mediation and efficient settlement of disputes related to interconnections
  • → Creates conditions conducive to a fair competitive environment in the telecom sector


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