Suite of hardware and software tools for Telecom Clearinghouses

MATRIX was designed to allow for the management of all the services, processes and functionalities of a Clearinghouse. As such, this cutting-edge solution ensures that financial payments related to the interconnections are compliant, and reduces the risks of breach of agreement by one or several entities, thus preventing commercial problems that could potentially affect the final users.

MATRIX independently evaluates all the interconnections, as well as the accounting transactions carried out between the members of the Clearinghouse. Its modularity makes it highly flexible and allows for a quick reconfiguration, which facilitates its adaptation to new requirements. The set of applications and electronic tools integrated into MATRIX gives it a processing power that promotes a high degree of transparency and fluidity as regards data conciliation. Security is paramount when making use of Clearinghouse services, which is why the solution's internal processes and the access interfaces that are available to each member are equipped with the most advanced security and encryption systems. The security aspect is constantly re-evaluated, taking into account the standards and recommendations in force.

MATRIX includes BVS, GVG’s rate-verification tool.


  • → Optimizes the efficiency of interconnection management
  • → Controls and minimizes the risks associated with the growing interconnectivity of networks, interfaces and services
  • → Provides total visibility over the financial flows and services exchanged between networks
  • → Secures the telecommunications and ensures their harmonious development on a national scale
  • → Allows for the effective application of transparency and healthy competition rules in the interconnected telecom ecosystem
  • → Allows for the optimal mediation and the efficient settlement of the disputes related to the interconnections between the different actors
  • → Allows for thorough clearing operations, based on complete and reliable data
  • → Improves the regulatory control of the sector, in the interest of the State and of the different stakeholders
  • → Collects, certifies, authenticates, processes and checks the integrity of the billing data and/or tax dockets related to the electronic communication services: provider-provider; provide consumer; provider-State; State-consumer; State-State
  • → Guarantees that the billing systems comply with the norms and standards enforced by the authorities
  • → Allows for the application of the relevant conciliation procedures and processes

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