Data Monitoring System (DMS)

Data traffic monitoring and measurement solution

The DMS is a highly efficient and non-intrusive monitoring tool that provides full visibility over the data traffic of a given country.

The DMS collects detailed information and statistics about the consumption of data and OTT services, and structures this information in such a way that it can be easily analyzed for different purposes, including security, intelligence, market surveillance, regulatory monitoring and tax enforcement.

Main Functionalities:
Detailed reports on data consumption and traffic in any given country:

  • → In total
  • → Per operator
  • → Per ISP
  • → Per user
  • → Per origin and destination
  • → Per type of application

Data connection reports for the whole country and/or per operator.

Visibility over layer 7 applications being used on the networks (Skype, Facebook, etc.)

Ability to link access devices with data sessions for each ISP.

Queries by period, operator, application and user.


  • → Allows regulators and MNOs to accurately measure and address revenue losses due to OTTs through a comprehensive and objective view of the data consumption trends in the country.
  • → Enables an evidence-based decision-making process related to rules and taxation for OTTs.
  • → Provides monitoring tools to enforce current and future rules and taxation for OTTs.


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