Central Equipment Identity Management System (CEIMS)

Centralized database and platform for the identification and tracing of mobile devices

The CEIMS is a scalable, reliable and efficient solution that provides the relevant authorities with the means to control the mobile handset population and to counteract device theft and counterfeiting in a given country.

Since most operators already own detection systems and Equipment Identification Registers (EIRs)–generally for commercial purposes, but also to detect and block counterfeit or stolen devices–, we use these as basis for the deployment of our solution. The CEIMS is thus the central database that allows for the synchronization of all the operators’ EIRs, as well as for the centralization of the identification data pertaining to all the devices in use in the country.


  • → Effective control over the devices population for fraud management, regulation and national security purposes
  • → Uses device information as part of criminal and national security investigations and analyses
  • → Verifies regulatory compliance
  • → Supervises and coordinates the fight against theft and counterfeiting on a national scale
  • → Cooperates with the authorities’ international counterparts in the fight against theft and counterfeiting
  • → Monitors the evolution of the telecom market within the authorities’ territorial jurisdiction


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