Central Equipment Identity Management System (CEIMS)

Centralized database and platform for the identification and tracing of mobile devices

The CEIMS is a centralized IMEI database for the identification and control of all devices connecting to the networks of a given country, including stolen, counterfeited and cloned devices. It collects IMSI/IMSISDN/IMEI triplets from all the GSM operators in real time for a number of critical purposes, including handset population analysis, investigations and measures against device theft, cloning and counterfeiting.

Main Functionalities:

  • → Management of a central IMEI database based on device information collected from the GSM operator’s Equipment Identification Registries (EIRs)
  • → Creation and management of white, gray and black lists of IMEIs related to compliant, suspicious and non-compliant (stolen, counterfeited, cloned) devices
  • → Periodic updates of the white, black and gray IMEI lists based on the information received from the different EIRs
  • → Reports and queries per period, operator, and IMEI
  • → Reports and alerts on non-compliant IMEIs
  • → Report on the types and models of devices in use in the country
  • → Reports on the number of active devices per operator
  • → Alerts on IMEI and/or IMSI changes

Main Functionalities (with an Automatic Device Detection system):

  • → Automatic detection of devices when they connect to an operator's network
  • → Storage of any event recorded when a device connects to or disconnects from a specific mobile network
  • → Automatic detection of the registration of any new SIM card


  • → Enhanced consumer protection through the effective fight against stolen, cloned and counterfeited devices
  • → Effective control over the devices population for fraud management, regulation and national security purposes
  • → Enhanced knowledge of the country’s telecom device market for regulatory and policy-making purposes


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